A Plus Water Filtration Systems has been in the business of water softeners and water filtration systems in St. George, UT for over 30 years. We serve clients from Laughlin, NV to Rock Springs, WY and everywhere in between. The West really wasn’t won until water softeners were installed in Southern Utah homes! The water in Washington County is harder (and almost as bad tasting) as circa 1880 cowboy coffee. There is no better place to have a water softener business than Washington County.

Water softeners and water filtration systems in St. George, UT constitute our core business. Unlike other companies who tend to focus on everything from softeners to septic tanks, our passion and undivided attention is on water filtration systems in Washington, UT and the surrounding areas.

All our water filtration systems are meticulously designed and custom built by Tom McCall, principal owner of A Plus Water Filtration Systems. As with most things custom built, our high-quality systems operate at much more efficient levels than systems that are mass produced for companies like Culligan, Hague, Alpine, and Pure-Tech.

To us, quality is not expensive, it’s PRICELESS!! Because the components are the best of the best, we can confidently offer 20-year to lifetime warranties. Furthermore, we’ll put those warranties IN WRITING on your invoice so that you can rest assured we are delivering more than just a sales pitch.

As Aristotle observed, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” Not only will we provide you with references from our past customers, we’ll let you come to our office and randomly pick names out of our filing cabinet. Their stories are always the same: “These guys knows more than anybody else, they have better quality than anybody else, and their services is superior to anybody else!”

About the Founder

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tom McCall’s warm southern accent is music to the ears for his western customers. Tom’s genuine knowledge and interest in water softeners and water filtration systems is a big win for people who are unsure what to look for in a water softener or water filtration system. Light years ahead of the kind folks at Sears, Lowes and Home Depot, Tom patiently educates his customers on what to expect in a water softener and what kind of scams the unwary shopper might fall prey to.

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