Is a Custom Built Home Water Filtration System the Right Option?

custom built water systems

Water filtration equipment systems are not a one-size-fits-all product. One of the biggest factors being the hardness of your water.

The harder your water, the larger the capacity of the system needs to be. If the capacity is too small for your needs, you will not reap the benefits of a proper system, including efficiency, salt usage, economic savings, and the life of the equipment. Other factors that will affect the quality of the water include the size of the home and the number of people in the home.

At A Plus Water Filtration Systems, we go beyond just determining the type of system you need. We have over 22 years of dedicated water filtration business in southern utah and washington county. Additionally, we have over 30 years in the water treatment business. Our emphasis is on both servicing existing equipment as well as selling and installing custom built water  systems for homes, businesses, and  water bottling plants.

Unlike the more general water softener brands that are found in hardware stores, department stores and plumbing supply stores, which are designed to meet the general needs of homes across the country, our systems are designed from the ground up to meet the exact needs of your home or business. We custom build each system to give you the best possible water and economic payoff possible. We are second to no one on our warranties! We warranty our equipment from 20 years up to the full lifetime of the product. Compare this to the 1-5 year warranties that accompany the general water softener brands sold in stores.

The number one advantage of our custom built water softener and water filtration system is that we hand-select each component from the manufactures that have the highest quality standards and for which we know they will keep working, year after year. This is the key reason we are able to offer 20-year to lifetime warranties, signed and in writing. Anything we say, we will put in writing. Do not settle for anything less, from any one!

Quality is priceless, real quality that is!!

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