Is a Water Softner Right for My Home?

Many home owners have been burdened with costly pipe and fixture repairs due to the excessive buildup of hard water particles. Here are some helpful facts that you should know about home water softener systems.

  • Use only course salt (Morton’s blue bag) or Lin’s brand extra course
  • Pellet salt is not recommend
  • Keep salt barrels in garages half full of salt and always keep salt above water level
  • Keep 2 to 4 bags of salt on hand at all times so you do not run out

Remember to check the time of day

  • If the timer is wrong, your softener my be in a cleaning cycle during the day time hours that you use the most water. If that happens, it’s all hard water that goes in the house,during a cleaning cycle
  • A one piece softener (cabinet model) or a two piece softener (salt tank & resin tank) can do only one thing at a time
  • Supply your soft water or cleaning cycle, not both
  • This is the reason for cleaning cycles at 2 a.m. in the morning (unless you have a three piece water softener)

Extra cleaning cycle twice a year: Jan 1 and July 1

  • The best time to do the extra cleaning cycle is wright before bed time when there is no water in use
  • Two hours before bed time, mix 3 oz. of bleach in 1 gal of water; just pour the mix on top of the salt
  • Just before bed do a manual cleaning cycle; most softeners its just a matter of pushing a button

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