Dave V., St. George & Bountiful, UT:
“I have had the opportunity of working with A+ Water and Tom McCall for the past 10 years for all of my household and business water needs. Tom is absolutely the most knowledgeable and honest water expert out there. Between my rental units in St. George and my homes in St. George and Bountiful, Tom has always given me top quality products and service at the best price.

“I have always been impressed that if I ever had a question or problem with any of my water systems, Tom is right there to correct it. He really backs up what he sells.

“It seems when it comes to water softeners and purification systems, there are a lot of differences in the quality and pricing of those systems. I can always be confident that A+ Water is giving me the best value.”

– Dave

Don, St. George, UT:
“I purchased a twin tank [3pc] water softener from A Plus Water in 1990 when I first built my new home, along with a water purifier for drinking and cooking water. It has done a 100% service for me. I have not had any repairs, other than the normal filter changes on the water filter. The service has always been great; they even call to remind me of service. I have referred friends and family to A Plus Water and they have the same result as I have. Tom really does treat customer right, and provides very good products.”

– Don

Kole, Kithens, Baths, Etc. – Remodeling Specialists:
“It is my great pleasure to recommend A-Plus Water Systems. As a General Contractor and a home owner I have used a variety of water treatment companies throughout the years. Since my first encounter with A-Plus Water Systems I have used their systems in my last 4 personal homes as well as they have provided services for many of my clients. In each instance I have been 100% satisfied. I feel you will be well served by using A-Plus Water Systems.”

– Kole

Jeff P., St. George, UT:
“I was about to spend a fortune on an inferior water softener from a hardware store in St. George, UT before I met Tom. For less that what I was going to spend, I got a custom-built water softener including a reverse osmosis system”

– Jeff

Charlie, La Verkin , UT:
“I first met Tom the Water Man about 12 years ago. He was recommended to me for a water softener and an R.O. by one of his customers. I was building a new home and wanted the best quality water I could get for my family. I also wanted to protect the new plumbing system, water heater and appliances.

“Tom helped me select quality water equipment to address each of my concerns.
A Plus custom built and installed the proper equipment at a fair price. Twelve years later I would say quality has paid off. I have had no upkeep expense, only normal service.

“We signed up for their continuing service program. They have completely maintained and serviced our system. Tom has kept the salt tank full since it was new. We have not had to replace or repair any of our appliances to date. A neighbor has purchased two water heaters during this same period. Needless to say we have recommend A Plus several times over the years! Consistently excellent service and quality products seam to be their normal way of doing business!”

– Charlie

Wil F., Hurricane, UT: 

“A Plus Water Filtration Systems are A #1. I guess that you could say that I am new to hard water. Never knew what it was, and never had it treated until I bought a house in Hurricane UT. The home inspector told me what the machine was and that it was working. Two months later I moved in, and about a year later the salt was still full, so I didn’t worry about it again for several years.

“I was reading something online that said that I needed to add salt to the water softener on a regular basis and if it the salt tank didn’t need refilling, then there must be a salt bridge. I found out what a salt bridge was, and I had one. I was able to get the salt bridge cleared and added new salt to the tank. While I was investigating the water softener, I called the city water department to find out about the hardness of the water. The city said it was 22. My unit was set on 5. No wonder I never used salt, much less that was why my water glasses were forming a milky residue on the inside at the bottom.

“The unit I had was a basic model from GE. I have seen these in lots of houses. I thought that it ever quits I could just go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a new one. After I reset and refilled the unit at my Hurricane home, i would just check the salt level and refill as necessary. It was working for sure, now!

“I lived there for a few more years, and just added salt when needed. Of course the system was working well, why bother.

“I sold the Hurricane home and moved in to a home that I purchased in Mesquite NV. Wow there was that familiar GE water softener. I was elated because I knew how to use it. This was going to be a breeze, just check with the water company for the hardness, set it add salt and forget about it.

“About 2 years later the floor around the unit was always wet. I recall that it had a salt residue around the unit, but it didn’t alarm me. My handyman told me that my TPR valve on the water heater was the issue. He checked out the water heater and said, yep that is all we needed. The leak returned and the handyman said that the water regulator needed replacing. The leak returned, then the handyman told me that it was the water softener. I was good to go, I could just go to Home Depot get a new one and install it where the old unit was. The handyman told me that the one that I have is undersized for the house. That the hardness here in Mesquite is high and with the water usage, the unit will not recover fast enough, and it will regenerate more often, using more water and salt. He suggested I install a unit that he recommended.

“He said the unit would be well over $1000. I told him about the similar units to mine that I have seen at Home Depot. He told me that they are not efficient and about the same quality that I have now, but were new and not leaking. He advised against the same unit.

“I decided to check out other manufacturers of water softener systems as well as advice from neighbors. I heard about no salt, systems that use no electricity and a company that my friend in UT recommended. Of course I was concerned about price, first. So when the no electricity type told me their system was more that $2000, I was deciding that I better look at features if I was going to spend over $1000. My friend and I were discussing the cost of the systems, and he said to call Tom at A Plus Water Filtration Systems, before I called anyone else.

“I called Tom and he drove to Mesquite to tell me about what he sells. Before he arrived I studied and researched all that I could on the internet about water softeners, so that I could see if Tom knew what he was talking about. Tom was able to answer all of my questions and helped me understand that the systems that other companies were willing to sell me. Although, I was willing to spend almost $1000 on the GE Water Softener from Home Depot, for just a little more I got a custom built system that was designed for my home and my families needs and water usage. I got a warranty whereby the designer/installer of the system and the owner of the company personally stops by to make sure I am satisfied with the Water Softener and my purchase.

“You can’t beat the service, the product and the warranty. Tom knows water systems, what works and what doesn’t.

“My A Plus Water Softener is one of the best purchases this year. I have fun checking my water usage each week. I like the feel of the soft water on my skin. My car is easier to wash and dry now, that I have real soft water. It is easy on the salt and uses much less hard water to make water soft.

“Call Tom at A Plus Water Filtration Systems first, and then don’t call anyone else!”

– Wil

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