The number one reason why people call us is: “Our water isn’t soft anymore!.” Typically this is due to owner neglect, too much demand on the system, or simply an inferior water softener that needs repairs (not one of our models, of course!). Other common symptoms of a water softener in need of repair include:

  • water leaking from the system or garage
  • salt tank left empty for too long
  • salt tank is clogged (eg. salt bridge)
  • strange odor coming from the system
  • resin beads in household water
  • making strange, unusual sounds
  • regenerating too/less frequently
  • water tastes or smells strange
  • filter looks dirty and/or full
  • the list really does go on and on…

A Plus Water Filtration Systems has experienced technicians that know the in-and-outs of every style, make and model of water softener and water purification system on the market. Regardless of where you bought it or who helped you install it, we can fix it. Contact us immediately so that we can add you to our service schedule.

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